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Our Practices

At EconMetrics Consulting, we are dedicated to providing specialized and expert consulting services across a range of critical legal and business practices. Our team, led by seasoned professionals and leveraging extensive industry knowledge, delivers comprehensive solutions in Consumer Fraud and Product Liability, Data Privacy and Data Breach, Antitrust and Competition, Labor and Discrimination, and Statistics and Sampling.

Consumer Fraud and Product Liability

At EconMetrics Consulting, our team brings extensive experience in handling both class actions and individual cases related to consumer fraud and product liability. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of issues including omissions and misrepresentation in disclosures, false advertising, defective products, and privacy concerns. We are adept at addressing critical aspects of class actions such as exposure, reliance, impact, and damages. Our approach often involves determining whether each proposed class member was harmed due to the challenged conduct and the extent of harm using common evidence and methods.


Data Privacy and Data Breach

EconMetrics Consulting brings advanced analytics and innovative approaches to tackle issues in data privacy and data breach disputes, focusing on causation, impact, and damages. In an era where consumer data is constantly generated through digital interactions, disputes over the use or misuse of personal information are increasingly common.Our work encompasses a variety of industries, from technology companies to healthcare providers. Our approach combines thorough analysis and a deep understanding of data privacy norms and regulations to provide robust support in these complex legal challenges.


Antitrust and Competition

EconMetrics Consulting offers expert economic analysis in antitrust and competition cases, focusing on litigation matters. We tackle complex issues such as price fixing, horizontal conduct, monopolization, and exclusionary practices. Our team is adept at distinguishing between competitive and collusive behaviors and assessing the extent of any alleged damages in these scenarios.

Our work also involves scrutinizing monopolization claims and practices like tying, exclusive dealing, and anticompetitive pricing. We evaluate these practices to determine if they represent genuine competitive strategies or result in harm to competition.

In addition, we are experienced in handling class certification matters, applying rigorous assessments to questions of common impact, proof, and the merits of the case. Our expertise extends to analyzing the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, where we use economic theory and quantitative methods to assess market dynamics, competitive interactions, and potential impacts.


Labor and Discrimination

EconMetrics Consulting is adept in handling various labor and discrimination cases, encompassing class actions, individual lawsuits, and in-depth internal investigations. Our expertise is particularly focused on issues like workplace discrimination, algorithmic biases in recruiting and compensation practices, labor market antitrust matters, and various facets of employee compensation and benefits.

We recognize the pivotal role of technology and data in modern business practices, particularly how they influence employment and discrimination legalities. As regulatory bodies increase their focus on antitrust issues in labor markets, our role in providing succinct and robust economic analysis becomes ever more critical.

Our approach at EconMetrics is to integrate sophisticated statistical methods with our extensive experience, ensuring thorough and effective support for our clients across all stages of litigation in labor and discrimination disputes.


Statistics & Sampling

EconMetrics Consulting excels in the analysis of intricate statistics and sampling issues within diverse litigation and investigation contexts across various industries. We specialize in developing and evaluating a wide range of statistical sampling designs, ensuring their scientific validity, and using these samples for assessing liability and extrapolating damages. Our expertise extends to a multitude of areas, including healthcare reimbursement disputes, mortgage and automotive liability cases, and employment discrimination.

Our approach encompasses a variety of advanced statistical methods, such as causal inference, significance tests, both parametric and non-parametric modeling, bootstrapping, Monte Carlo simulation, and survival analysis. These techniques are crucial at various stages of litigation, including class certification, merits phases of large class actions, and government investigations.

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