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Our Services

At EconMetrics Consulting, we combine rigorous economic analysis with practical insights to support legal teams in litigations and regulatory proceedings. Our suite of services is designed to provide comprehensive support, from initial fact-finding to trial. Each service we offer is tailored to meet the specific needs of your case, ensuring precision, clarity, and effectiveness in every aspect of our work.

Fact Discovery Support

In the initial stages of a case, EconMetrics Consulting collaborates closely with attorneys to pinpoint critical business, economic, and financial aspects. We meticulously assess case merits, guide the discovery process (drafting documents and data requests), and assist in the preparation of data for production. Our approach evolves with the case, ensuring strategies are refined and cohesive.


Data Analytics

Our team excels in conducting in-depth research involving analysis of small and large datasets, meeting strict requirements and deadlines. We leverage our specialized research capabilities, extensive economic databases, and advanced applications to manage and analyze large datasets. This meticulous approach provides our clients with a significant advantage in understanding complex economic issues.


Expert Reports and Testimony

Our commitment is to deliver clear, well-researched, and persuasive expert reports and testimony, aligning our resources with the needs of each case to support the best possible outcome for our clients. We have a select network of experts from academia and industry. These professionals are chosen for their deep expertise in specific areas relevant to the case at hand. EconMetrics' founder, Dr. Gila Bronshtein, serves as an expert witness in select cases.


Pre-Trial and Trial Support

EconMetrics Consulting provides extensive pre-trial and trial assistance. The support encompasses expert witness preparation for depositions, development of deposition outlines, countering motions to exclude testimony, and support during trials.

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